Digital Workshop

Digital Workshop

Started a 3 year journey, steering the strategic scope and deployment of a global digital transformation strategy. Related to launching a Customer Experience Platform and sales enablement learning environment to enable our organisation keep pace with market evolution and capture business with new market entrants.

After 6months of internal investigations we decided to do an intense 1 week (locked in) workshop, co-lead by Duncan Hallas a Managing Consultant from the Innovation and Transformation team of TCS (Linkedin)

Key business stakeholders, Sales, Product Management, Manufacturing, Pricing, IT & marketing gave a 360-degree view of our customers, market, competition,product & service and we joint laid key deliverables of a skelthon 1-3-5year digital roadmap.

Ultan Kelly Director Product Line Mangement & Market, Aptiv CS
It is essential that all Business stakeholder are present or available for a successful outcome
To be continued..

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