Customer Experience Creation in the Age of Digital Disruption

Customer Experience Creation in the Age of Digital Disruption

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Started a 3 year journey, steering the strategic scope and deployment of a global digital transformation initiative. Related to launching a Customer Experience Platform and sales enablement learning environment to enable our organisation keep pace with market evolution and capture business with new market entrants.

Barriers to delivering

  • ‘Make or Break’ stakeholders need to identified (even if it’s the CEO!)
  • IT & Marketing need to be aligned to effectively deliver a digital transformation
  • Lack of internal digital skills can be a big barrier to delivering on time.
  • Most companies have limited or no customer journey mapping

After 6months of internal investigations we decided to do an intense 1 week (locked in) workshop, co-lead by Duncan Hallas a Managing Consultant from the Innovation and Transformation team of TCS (Linkedin)

Key business stakeholders, Sales, Product Management, Manufacturing, Pricing, IT & marketing gave a 360-degree view of our customers, market, competition,product & service and we jointly laid key deliverables of a skeleton ‘agile’ 1year digital roadmap and 5 year aspirational roadmap.

Ultan Kelly Director Product Line Mangement & Market, Aptiv CS
It is essential that all Business stakeholder are present or available for a successful outcome

Digital transformation is a journey not a destination…stay ‘agile’