Competing with Giants as an International Manager in Asia

Competing with Giants as an International Manager in Asia

Lived a total of 10 years in Japan, was embedded in Asian Culture-Language-Customer focus Principles. Hired directly out of University to participate in an international work transfer program with Asia.

Trained as a local Japanese employee and deployed abroad, to support setup of New Locations, transfer technology and standards into business processes to ensure Market entry and sustained growth.

I started my working career in The Sumitomo Group which is one of the largest Japanese keiretsu, or business groups, founded by Masatomo Sumitomo around 1615. A truly amazing company culture and clear corporate goals. One of the Giants in Asia with revenue of over $30 billion USD.

Later I worked in a smaller French company and was relocated to Asia to increase focus on Asian business($51 million USD) and established globally aligned strategic sales plan with data-driven metrics in China-Korea-Japan, as a member of Asian Leadership.

In the coming months, I will explain the movement from ‘survival strategies’ to revenue generation efforts from customer engagement, product development, innovation and market targeting strategies. That resulted in market share gains.

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