Who Am I?

I have a unique background as someone with experience in 4 very different types of companies; 1-Japanese(Keiretsu) 2-French(Private equity-owned) 3-American(Global technology company) 4-Startup Investor & Advisor. On paper, the only thing in common is ‘Customer Focused’ & ‘Innovative Driven’, but each approach the market & business in very different ways and all continue to deliver growth in competitive environments.

Key takeaway

Continuous Learning & Data Creates Competitive Advantage

I am currently living in France and had the great fortune to live twice in Asia(8 years), plus doing business in the Americas during turbulent times and the privilege to serve on an Asian and currently European leadership team.

Adaptability and a desire to keep learning, has given me the chance to meet some great people. Via ‘Rigorous Growth Stories’, I will bring their insights, through our shared experiences and allow others to add to their full potential and drive Business Growth.

2020Ultan KELLY